Looking forward to having a booth at The Word On The Street, Toronto’s big book and magazine festival on Sunday, September 24, 2017. Will be designing and selling a new line of fun literary cards in celebration of all things literature.  If you’re in Toronto at the end of September stop by and say hi!

Thrilled to have created the cover for the Business Issue of The Dramatist. Check it out by going to Cartoons, then click the Dramatists Guild sub-heading. (Total fun to make!)

Loved creating political cartoons for the last election.  You can find them on twitter [at] markbkrause and Instagram [markbkrause].  Hoped for some smiles, sure, but also for discussion and increased awareness.

A hoot to have one of my drawings become the Facebook cover image for the Brian Lehrer Show!  Love the show and so thrilled to be a part of it in this way.

Also delighted the NYTimes recently published another of my Metropolitan Diary entries — this one about what it’s like being in the city after a blizzard.

A treat watching the two week workshop of THE AGE OF ANDY at American Theatre of Actors (NYC) in September 2015.  So helpful to see the play on its feet!

Enjoyed being part of the Comedy Across the Mediums panel at the Dramatists Guild’s National Conference in La Jolla this past summer. An honor to join fellow panelists Lisa Kron, David Rambo, Deb Lacusta and Michael McKeever.

Also loved designing the swag for the Conference —still seeing pins, tote bags and postcards on FB and beyond.

Had a great time listening to THE AGE OF ANDY at a reading at American Theatre of Actors (NYC) in November 2014.

LEMONADE is now published by Original Works.  They let me design the play’s cover, to boot!

Nice 10,000P shoutout in Stephen Spotswood’s thoughtful HowlRound piece on theatre and the elderly.

Also enjoyed being part of last year’s CurateNYC.  Always fun seeing what other artists come up with on the site.

Got a kick seeing my Metropolitan Diary entry  in the The New York Times.

Also happy the Globe and Mail (Toronto) published this essay and drawing of mine.  It’s a personal side of me, if you’d like to get to know me a little better.

And I continue to write and draw 10,000P – the theatre web comic for playwrights and theatre nerds of all stripes.  I try my best to have a new installment every two weeks.

10,000P also made an appearance in ArtsFwd’s terrific blog post about artists in the workplace.

More theatre cartoons are published in The Dramatist (the journal of The Dramatists Guild of America).   If you’re a member you can check out the latest issue.

Other cartoons appear on the blog Extra Criticum.

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